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Helping you never forget!

Remindo is your very own virtual assistant that will send reminders to your phone so that you never forget the important events in your life!

Set it, forget it, let Remindo do the rest.

  • Never forget important events
  • Never forget birthdays, holidays or anniversaries
  • Never forget a class or meeting
  • Never forget to pay a bill
  • Never forget when your favorite new show is going to air



Send Reminders

Send as many reminders you like to make sure you donโ€™t forget those important events coming soon!


Remindo is reliable. It uses SMS texting which every phone has built into it so it always receives the reminders when you need them most.

No App Needed

All reminders are created through our web interface so there is no need to install an app to fully use the service.

No Passwords to Remember

You never have to remember those pesky passwords again! When logging in we validate each account with a uniquely generated code.

Unlimited Reminders

Send as many reminders as it takes to sail through your days effortlessly! Your reminders are complimentary! That means they are at no charge to you!

Simple to Use

All you need is a valid mobile phone number. Using our very simple web interface you can easily send yourself reminder after reminder. As many as you like!

Fast to use

Just a few clicks to select your SMS arrival time and date, type or paste your reminder in and tap (or click) CREATE REMINDER and you are done! So fast you could set up each reminder in mere seconds.

How it works

Remindo is a very simple chatbot that will send text messages to your phone. This is something we are already accustomed to responding to, texts! You are in full control of Remindo. Send yourself a text reminding yourself of something really important that you need to remember in the future. Let Remindo do the rest worry free!

  • Step 1
    Sign Up with Remindo using your phone number.

  • Step 2
    Create a text reminder for yourself to receive at a date you set.

  • Step 3
    Receive a text message from Remindo with the reminder you created at the date you set. This text is completely private to you and no one else.

Try Remindo out!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use this instead of Google Calendar?

Google Calendar and other scheduling/planning apps are great for managing your tasks but very often require many steps to use and can be unreliable or require you install something to use it. Remindo is very reliable as it sends messages directly to your phone via SMS. It doesnโ€™t require you have third party tool installed to use it. Best of all it's very simple and quick to use. Perfect when you need to make lots of reminders for tasks that are important to you.

What kind of reminders can I send?

Currently we only support very basic reminders, but we have plans to support many other kinds! Such as repeating, pre-reminders, list reminders, event reminders and so many other versions. We also have plans to integrate into many of your favorite tools such as Trello, Google Calendar, Slack and many more!

How many reminders can I send?

Send as many as it takes to get through your busy life without forgetting any important moments! Set it, forget it, Remindo will remind you!

Is it free?

Absolutely! You pay nothing to set reminders for yourself. There will be premium services in the future, but reminders will always be no charge!

Do you support all phone numbers?

We support both local and international numbers. Since we send text messages we only support mobile phones and not landlines yet.

Will there be a mobile app?

Absolutely! You will soon be able to use Remindo natively on your Android and iOS devices. Many more platforms will be supported in the future. The website works on all smartphones and computers. Set your reminders right on your home computer and receive them via text when you need to remember something!

Can I send reminders to other people?

Not currently, however; we will be adding this to a future version. We are focused on perfecting our current experience. Once we have perfected the basics expect more to come.

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