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Helping You Never Forget!

Remindo is your own personal virtual assistant that will send reminders to your phone so that you never forget the important events of your life.

  • Never forget the milk or other daily tasks
  • Never forget birthdays, holidays, or anniversaries
  • Never be late for a class or meeting
  • Never forget to pay a bill



Send reminders

Send tons of reminders that will help you remember very important events of your life


Remindo is very reliable because it uses SMS, which every phone has built in so it will always receives the reminders

No app needed

Since all reminders are created through our web interface there is no need to install an app to use the service

No passwords to remember

You never have to remember another password again! When logging in we validate each account with a uniquely generated code

Unlimited reminders

You can send as many reminders as you want to yourself, we encourage you to send more if it will help you remember

Simple to use

All you need is a valid mobile phone number and using our very simple web interface you can very easily send yourself a reminder

Fast to use

Quickly log into the web site and with our simple interface create a reminder for yourself. Can all be done in a minute or two

How it works

Remindo is a very simple chatbot that will send text messages to your phone. No special application needed just your phone number.

  • Step 1
    Sign Up with Remindo using your phone number

  • Step 2
    Create a text reminder for yourself to recieve at a date you set

  • Step 3
    Receive a text message from Remindo with the reminder you created at the date you set

Try Remindo out!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use this instead of Google Calender?

Google Calendar and other scheduling/planning apps are great for managing your tasks but very often may require many steps to use and can be unreliable or require you install something to use it. Remindo is very reliable as it sends messages directly to your phone via SMS and does not require you have third party tool installed to use it. Best of all it's very simple and quick to use, perfect when you need to make lots of reminders for tasks that are important to you.

What kind of reminders can I send?

Currently we only support very basic reminders, but we have plans to support many other kinds! Such as repeating, pre-reminders, list reminders, event reminders and so many other versions. We also have plans to integrate into many of your favorite tools such as Trello, Google Calendar, Slack and many more!

How many reminders can I send?

You can send as many as you want! In fact we encourage you to send a lot! The purpose of Remindo was to make sure you never forget important tasks.

Is it free?

Yes, no joke, it's all completely free! You will not need to pay a dime to send reminders to yourself. We will be providing more premium features in the future that may cost a small fee, but it will always remain 100% free to send reminders to yourself.

Do you support all phone numbers?

We support both local and international numbers, since we send text messages we only support mobile phones and not landlines yet.

Will there be a mobile app?

Absolutely! You will soon be able to use Remindo natively on your Android and iOS device (Soon many other platforms). We are working hard to to offer the best web based experience possible first. Until we release a mobile app you can use Remindo via the mobile web on your phone.

Can I send reminders to other people?

At the moment, no. But we are working very hard to support this, we are focusing first on perfecting the single person experience.

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Story behind Remindo

Ever forget a birthday or anniversary? Well we did. How about forgetting to pay a bill or get that loaf of bread from the store after work? Well, we have and it is truly a really frustrating experience. We were consantly forgetting things all the time and needed a quick and simple way to easily remind us of the task. Things like Google Calendar or Slack worked alright, but it was too much work to setup all the reminders we wanted and sometimes the notifications would fail or we would ignore them. So we decided to create Remindo! Out of everything on our phone we would always check our text messages so we figured that be the best way to make sure we got the message about something important. After creating Remindo for our personal use we found it to be so helpful we started to wonder if this could be useful for other people as well.

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